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Latest update screwed up app

So I was a big fan of this app...but with the latest update...why is it only charging 43 cents for 180 minutes of decorating? Is something wrong with the database? My prices are ALL skewed. Please fix this!

Great app for any baker

I love this app. It really lets me know if I am selling at the right price point and so easy to use. A definite must for all small bakeries like mine

Must have app!

I love it. Its so easy to calculate cost for any bakery. I use it at every order.

Great app! BUT....

When will there be a measures conversion for us here in the USA? Great app though! I just dont have time to convert cups into grams! :)

Nice App

This comes in handy and I love the interface. The email or messaging options to send out quotes is cool, it would be even better if you could upload a company logo that would attach to the body of the email. Since there is no iPad application. I uploaded the iPhone app onto my iPad, but found the application does not sync with the app on my iPhone, so if I wanted to use it on both devices I would have to enter the information twice. If you could develop a iPad application and a sign on (user id) to allow syncing of the applications on iPhone and iPad, that would make this application a must have by all bakers.

Nice but..

It will be great if there are more choices for measurements like cups, tsp, tbsp, etc. Also, be able to add multiple recipe in a quote.

Not worth the money!

You can only convert things into oz, yards, each, or grams! Last time I checked, I use cups and teaspoons. Not worth the money. Wish I could get a refund.

Great app!! Totally worth it!!

Excellent!! Does all the calculating for you, and unlike what others wrote on their reviews, it does have cups, teaspoons, tablespoons etc. I have no complaints, even lets me email or text quotes directly from the app!!

I want to kiss this app!

I am not a math person. Whenever Id sit down and try to break down the cost of ingredients and supplies, multiply that by this, add X amount for labor, Id turn into the crankiest person this side of the pond, throw my hands up in frustration, give up, finally send the client some random number and cross my fingers that it would be marginally correct. Thanks to this app, never again! I love that it can be tailored to whatever your needs. I use it to price cupcakes and decorated cookies as well as cakes. The only minor suggestion I would make is perhaps an update where the user could arrange and/or alphabetize the recipes? Ive added quite a number of recipes already, and it would be a lot easier to sort through them when readying a quote if they could be arranged in some way. But even without that option, still love this app :)

I love it!!!!

I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT......thats all I have to say!!!!

So far so good

I just downloaded this app and Im sitting here playing with it trying to figure it out. My only concern at the moment is Theres only 3 item lines for a quote. Is there somewhere you can add more lines?


I like the app a lot and the developers are quick to address bugs. Highly recommend to bakery owners and bakers.

Recommend it

Instead of doing it yourself, this program does it for you. I had to change it up a bit because my currency isnt there but I just used the USD currency and moved the decimal place for some items (youll easily figure it out). I didnt realise I wasnt charging for the cake box, board, stickers ...! Dont get me started on labour. Ive always thought my prices were too low for the quality ingredients I buy and now I know the true price.

Love it!

Takes so many things into consideration. A lot of care went into building this app. Love it. Would love an iPad version (bigger size) in the future.

Great App

I am loving the app. The only thing I could improve is the way the bid looks. That may be asking too much.

Life is now easier...

I love this app. Its a great way to easily generate accurate quotes without creating tons of price lists and spread sheets on the computer, though they are still beneficial. You have to do a bit if leg work to enter in you exact recipes and update to current prices if they vary too much, but well worth the effort. The prices of ingredients are specific to your country and are an average, so updating them to your supplier cost is most accurate. You can also adjust your rate of pay based on activity or hourly rate. This is awesome. Now you can make sure your efforts are profitable!

Great app!

Would definitely recommend! It is very helpful! Love the email or text quote that it can send!

Love the app!

Great app to have if your in the business!!

Like the app

I like this app the only issue I have is that the ingredients list isnt complete. I have to go in and add ingredients. The list should have all possible ingredients already in it


This app is really helpful.

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